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The Relevant Thread, for Reference

July 13, 2012

Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron
7:16 PM (edited)  –  Public

Haut Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron has a new profile photo.

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Haut Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron3:03 PMEdit
I think I hit the flood protection again. Took a long fucking time, didn’t it? ^_^

I only know it happened ‘cos this is the 19th “try again” in a row. Poor Google. It can’t handle me. =3

Haut Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron3:09 PMEdit

I wonder how long this will last. XD

Haut Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron3:12 PMEdit
+Jooles C +Terra Leezy +Violet Lynn Scraton +Violet Lynn Scraton +Dylan Scraton +collin T A Scraton +Moan Lisa etc…

Do me a favor, foalks. Let it be known – at need – that I’m share-blocked.

I should keep score.

Clicks a stopwatch.

Haut Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron3:17 PMEdit

Think I’ll wander off and clop. I rarely get the chance. Sharing clop is more fun than using it, somehow. ^_^

Jooles C3:27 PM

How long until you’re released from share bondage?

Haut Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron3:32 PMEdit

That’s what the stopwatch is for. It varies. ^_^

Haut Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron4:39 PMEdit

I’m going to give it a try every few hours. Let’s see…

Haut Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron4:40 PMEdit

Jooles C4:40 PM


Moan Lisa5:08 PM

comes from sharing too many posts within 24h from my experience.
+Jeff Vinson has it happen all the time.

Haut Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron5:11 PMEdit

Yeah. I worked that out, +Moan Lisa.

Haut Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron5:53 PMEdit

After all, this must be my sixth or seventh experience of the phenomenon.

Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron7:10 PMEdit

Ooo, guess what? +Sarah Wilkinson, +Violet Lynn Scraton +Jooles C +Liza Persson +Akemi Mokoto +Moan Lisa +Rawan Sooki +Terra Leezy +Brett Stevens etc., my flagtroll has UPPED the fuckin’ ANTE. If ANYPONY knows who the fuck he or she is, TELL ME. PLEASE.

Jooles C7:12 PM

If I get any clue I’ll pass it on… Some ponies really have way too much time

Brett Stevens7:12 PM

bet it’s +Trey Haas

J Servin7:14 PM

What’s the deal with all these my lil pony pix? I feel like I’m missing something.

Jooles C7:15 PM (edited)

+J Servin You watched the show? If not, that’s what you’re missing 🙂

Sarah Wilkinson7:15 PM

+Brett Stevens I thought he was banned.

Brett Stevens7:15 PM
Ballad of the Brony: A Documentary on Bronies and Friendship is Magic

Brett Stevens7:15 PM

+Sarah Wilkinson nope, fucker is still out there

Sarah Wilkinson7:16 PM


Akemi Mokoto7:16 PM

The anti-free speech flag fuck is still alive? =|

Jooles C7:18 PM

I’ve still never interacted with the guy. All I know of him is he seems to piss everypony off and he changes his profile picture a lot..
Sarah Wilkinson7:23 PM

+Jooles C

>I’m always careful to keep it… what’s the word.. safe?

To keep it appropriate, perhaps?

Brett Stevens7:23 PM

no stallion is above the law, regardless of their mental capacity

Sarah Wilkinson7:25 PM

+Brett Stevens Actually, that’s not entirely true. There’s the insanity defense.

Jooles C7:25 PM

+Sarah Wilkinson Not sure that’s entirely it but it’s a lot closer :). Because it’s ok to be a little inappropriate in appropriate ways, you know? It’s a very subtle nuance and I’m too drunk and/or tired right now to pick the right word 🙂

Jooles C7:30 PM

I mean I spend a lot of time every day playing with (and getting kicked/kneed/elbowed in the balls by) my 1 and 3 year old daughters so maybe that makes me act differently towards the young kids on here. I dunno..

Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron7:35 PM (edited)Edit

Fuck +*****.

He’s got no real beef with ME.

Not unless he thinks he can injure the rest of you by removing me, and although I’d be disabled on from G+, I got spares.

I would not be removed. Don’t even have to buy new TracFones to verify the accounts, you know. This is Morgantown. I can borrow verification SMS destination numbers from my cousin’s grass & acid hookups’ fucking’ TracFones.

In other news, I appear to be in the clear again. I removed Haut from the pseudonym and the reviewers cleared the change.

I don’t plan to trumpet this particular triumph. I’ve been rendered… uneasy.

I don’t know who’s pulling these fucking pranks and it worries me, because I picture some clever 10 year-old who’s been on /b/, /v/, and 9g@gme too long and is just giggling away, doing all the damage he can and picturing his immature shit as a masterpiece parasprite.

Too young to know how real the damage could be.

Jooles C7:33 PM

I don’t understand what difference your pseudonym makes… Glad you passed this one though. Do you know what you at least got flagged for or is that kept from you?

Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron7:34 PMEdit
I’m also worried because I don’t know how to interpret my speedily unblocked image shares or this near-instant nickname change fix.

Do I have a guardian angel?

An algorithm in the review system weighing contribution and sideshow attraction value against the complaint volume?

Or maybe just a particular reviewer nearing the end of his or her patience?

They won’t tell me. I need to know. And I can’t even TALK BACK to them. Can’t make my case.

Jooles C7:37 PM
It’s pretty harsh that you get no input or feedback at all. I mean I totally get why they can’t tell you who reported you if they even know themselves.

Drakkie Chaotika Psykozohedron7:41 PMEdit
I’m pretty sure I got flagged THIS time because the flagfuck realized I was thumbing my nose at him and not really giving a shit about all those image shares he must have worked HOURS on, backwards through my stream, flagging resolutely for the sake of “innocent” eyes. I estimated a couple hundred I never even noticed before I lost interest.

Must have thought himself quite a hero. >:3


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